Cowboy dog

For my birthday I got an easel and I drew this!

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Hi Grace. I love the colours and patterns in your picture. Your dog looks like he is jumping in the air with joy! By the way, my daughter’s first name is Grace too but we call her Abi. She’s 11 now and also had an easel when she was younger.

Hello Grace
So you are starting to write a blog like Ben! Wow. I wouldn’t know how to do one! Your picture is great! It really does look like the dog is leaping up into the air!! Have you seen Jak yet. I have seen photos of him. He looks very cute!! I expect we will see him when we come up in a few weeks.
Lots of love from Granny xx

I read about your blog in your Dad’s newsletter. I wish my father got me a blog when I was 5!

I am not a dog nor a cowboy but those are two things I like, and it is neat how you combined them in your drawing.

Please share more art.

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